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How to extend credit for creditors.

May 28

Extending Payment Terms to Customers without Breaking the Bank

In the B2B world, extending payment terms to customers is a typical practice. But, have you ever considered your terms and how they were created? Did you just establish the terms because everyone else was doing it? Don’t let extending credit turn into a costly profit recovery effort.   Before you begin… Decide if your …

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Aug 26

Social Media and Credit Worthiness: What Do You Think?

Facebook, C2C Resources

This article on CNNMoney titled, Facebook Friends Could Change Your Credit Score is stirring up discussions on the use of Social Media in determining credit worthiness. While most of the article deals with business to consumer credit outside the United States, a company called Kabbage extends business credit by reviewing the businesses online payments accounts …

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Jul 31

Would You Be A Good Credit Manager?

Blue Puzzle Piece, C2C Resources

What does it take to be a good credit manager? Being a good credit manager takes organizational and analytical skills. It takes someone who is able to see all the pieces of the credit puzzle and then organize those pieces so that wise credit decisions can be made. What’s tricky for many people is that …

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Mar 05

Be Prepared for Litigation With Your Customer’s Credit Application

C2C Resources Commercial Debt Collector

A Robust Credit Application Can Be Helpful In Litigation The initial reason for having your customer fill out a Credit Application is to gather enough information to help you evaluate credit worthiness. Simple enough. But did you know, that in the event that you find yourself in the unfortunate position to pursue litigation, certain aspects …

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Mar 06

Free Credit Applications

At C2C Resources, we often receive comments and feedback from customers about our sample Credit Applications. For this reason, we periodically improve and update our samples. Here are the latest versions we hope you’ll find useful.  

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