The 6 Keys to Effective Customer Service

5 Jul

Customer service is key to maintaining a thriving business. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to figure out how to sell to new customers that we forget keeping our old ones is just as important. In many cases, the most sustainable growth can actually come from increasing the amount your current customers order. Here are some great ways to make sure your valued customers stick around.

Customer Service Is The Responsibility of Everyone In The Company

Many businesses will have people dedicated to dealing with customers and making sure their needs are met, but even the greatest customer service rep or salesperson will fail if they do not have a team around them. This means those in charge of distribution must make sure the product gets there on time. This means papers must be faxed, letters must be sent, and checks must be handled in a proper manner. They key to great customer service is everyone doing their job with the customer in mind

Young Businessman, Follow Up Training, C2C ResourcesA little Thought Can Go a Long Way

Whether this means calling them on their birthday or remembering how old their kids are, small gestures can mean a lot. No customer is expecting a bouquet of roses (in fact this would be a case of going too far), but simple little reminders can help keep your customers loyal.

Never Over Promise and Under Deliver

In an effort to make the sale, many salespeople will over promise and end up under delivering. This not only degrades trust, but can cause some serious headaches for those trying to figure out the mess they created. Its great to tell the customer want they want to hear, but only if you are confident you can back that promise up.

Talk To Them In a Language They Can Understand

Not every customer is going to have an in-depth technical knowledge of the product or service you are selling. You are doing a disservice to them and yourself if you try to use technical jargon that only those in your industry will understand. It is important to talk to your customers in a respectful manner, all while explaining the product or service in easy to understand terms.

Sometimes Knowledge Is The Best Sales Tool

Many people hate to feel like they are being sold to. Sometimes the best service you can provide to a customer is just being there to answer questions and being a wealth of information. This may not have any immediate affects, but can potentially lead to increase sales in the long run.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Feedback

Even if you follow all of these rules, you can always improve your skills. One of the best ways to do this is to just ask your customers how you are doing. In most cases, especially if it is anonymous or written, customers will give you valuable feedback.

Great customer service is the key to maintaining your business. What are some customer service strategies you use? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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