When NOT To Talk With Your Debtor

14 May

There IS a right time to stop talking to the debtor!

Debtor phone call, C2C Resources Debt CollectionWhen your customer receives that first demand letter from your commercial debt collection agency, they may pick up the phone to talk with you. Maybe they want to strike a compromise or make another promise. Whatever the case may be, the time for those types of discussions with your debtor has come to an end.

By the time you’ve reached the point of involving a 3rd party to collect the debt, you’ve already done everything you can in-house to resolve the past due account. You’ve talked, you’ve written, you’ve listened to reasons and excuses. You’ve probably even endured a few broken promises. Therefore, all the windows of opportunity to negotiate with you have closed. Negotiations from here out should happen with your Collector.

It’s in your best interest not to become involved with the work your commercial debt collection agency is doing on your behalf. When a debtor contacts you, they are most often trying to divide and conquer our efforts. They didn’t like the demands and expectations we put forth and want to renegotiate our position thus diminishing your collection agency’s credibility.

If a debtor does contact you, simply say that the matter is out of your hands and that they will have to deal with your collection company. Next, make sure you contact your agency to let them know your debtor contacted you. It’s important for them to know what recent action got the debtor’s attention.

Placing a claim with your commercial debt collection agency should free you from the burden of further discussions with your debtor. Take advantage of your partnership with your agency by moving on to other pressing matters. If there is action that must be taken, your collector will let you know.


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