Start the Morning Right: Success for Business

27 Aug

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. – Steve Jobs

Are you ready to lead your business to success?

  1. Rise and shine.alarm clock

Statistics show you should start your day early! Most executives wake up early because they are go-getters who want to begin the day before their competitors to increase their business’s cash flow.  According to a 2009 study by Christoph Randler published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, proactive people are morning people.

  1. Start the morning with exercise.

Successful leaders carve out time for exercise to help their body handle the demands of long hours and pressure. Working out in the morning can energize the workday. Plus, it jump starts your metabolism and endorphin levels and keeps them elevated for hours. This means a greater ability to focus and turning less to temporary caffeine assistance. It also allows you to reflect on the work day ahead and mentally prepare yourself.

  1. Eat breakfast.


As a business executive, we know you are busy, but eating breakfast is a healthy choice; and it allows for more concentration in the boardroom. We suggest, especially on a Monday morning, surprising your staff with free breakfast! It will keep motivation levels up and your team will be focused throughout the day.

  1. Early morning motivation.

Most executives live with the mantra of first in and last out. It shows their employees that they are dedicated to the business and are giving their 100%. Why not get in early and send out a motivational email to your team first thing in the morning?

  1. Be mentally present.
    business meeting

Whether you are the CEO or an executive, you need to be mentally awake when you are in the office (and physically too!). Connect with your team through small things like eye contact, smiling and getting to know more about their lives. Remember—the tone you set in the office, will affect everyone else’s demeanor. If you start the day on a sour note, your team could be limited in their positivity, which could eventually affect your company’s bottom line and cash flow.

Still feeling stressed throughout the day?

Get in a break during the day with a deep breathing ritual or meditation. It will help settle your mind and set the tone that you want for the day.

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