Risk Reduction For Overseas Business

22 Feb

No matter how you slice it, there’s risk in doing business. Overseas or otherwise. There’s a chance that a new customer won’t or can’t pay. There’s a chance your shipment will get lost in transit. There’s a chance of any number of snags on the road to a profitable transaction.

The key is to minimize the risk.

Small Business Multi-Buy Credit Insurance can help do just that! EXIM (Export-Import Bank of the United States) protects exporter’s accounts receivable. According to EXIM.gov, small business owners can use Multi-Buyer Credit Insurance to:

  • Extend credit terms to foreign customers
  • Insure against nonpayment by international buyers
  • Cover both commercial (e.g., bankruptcy) and political (e.g., war or the inconvertibility of currency) risks
  • Arrange financing through a lender by using insured receivables as additional collateral

How does it work? Check out this quick video for an overview:


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