Can You Compete Abroad?

8 Feb

For those embarking on foreign trade, access to all the help available is needed. And because there’s so much to know, finding the most reputable resources is a necessity.

To be competitive across the pond, you need an advocate. A resource that’s gone before you that can help you position yourself and your business for success.

The Advocacy Center does just that. For over 20 years, the Advocacy Center has assisted small, medium and large companies in reaching their greatest potential. You can find them on the Export.Gov website. Their mission statement is clear and simple. They’re there to help your business succeed overseas.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to coordinate U.S. Government resources and authority in order to level the playing field on behalf of U.S. business interests as they compete against foreign firms for specific international contracts or other U.S. export opportunities. In doing so, the Advocacy Center helps create and retain U.S. jobs through exports.

Contact The Advocacy Center:

U.S. Department of Commerce
The Advocacy Center
14th Street & Constitution Avenue, N.W. — Rm. 10020
Washington, DC 20230
Office No.: (202) 482-3896



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