Find the Right Person on Your Team to Make Collection Calls

19 Jul

As a business owner, you know the importance of putting the right person in the right position in your company. When it comes to making debt collection calls, it’s certainly not a role that just anybody can successfully fill.

For many business owners, cross training employees is a fact of life, especially for start-ups, where it’s necessary for everyone on the team to wear each other’s hats once in awhile. But if someone is great at taking orders from customers or handling customer support, does that mean they’re the right person for making collection calls? Maybe they are the right person or sometimes maybe they are not.

Look for the problem-solver.

Problem-solvers often excel at collections for many reasons. Problem-solvers tend to be excellent listeners because they know that the details of the debtors circumstance can act as breadcrumbs toward the way out of the debt. Problem-solvers are creative, often driven to find a solution, even if it strays a little from the beaten path. Problem-solvers aren’t easily distracted by a debtor’s excuses. They stay focused on the desired end result, even if the debtor becomes upset in the process.

Finding the right person on your team to handle collection calls goes beyond the ability to pleasantly interact with customers. It requires a combination of skills to be effective.

Do you have the right person for the job on your team?


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