Best Ways to Motivate Your Employees

14 Feb

Motivation typically comes from within the individual. For the business leader, that means she/he must create an environment that fosters self-motivation. And since every industry has its own unique attributes, the ways in which you choose to foster motivation could be very specific to your business. To simplify things, here are 5 ways that should apply, regardless of the business you are in:

Tangible rewards

At the end of the day, many employees are there to collect a paycheck and to provide for their families. Competitive pay and bonuses can go a long way towards motivating your employees. If your company can not afford to raise salaries or bonuses, small raffle type giveaways that offer electronics or sports tickets can go a long way to motivating everyone.

Access to the boss

While clearly there should be boundaries, an absent boss who only comes around to complain can be a detriment to motivation. Striking the right balance between authority and co-worker is key, but if done correctly your employees will be more eager to work and your workplace culture will be better.

Quality training

Nothing builds confidence like a complete understanding of your work. And nothing dashes it to bits more quickly than a feeling of inadequacy or confusion about how to execute your job duties. Be thorough in training your staff and make your expectations clear. Encourage questions and open dialog to talk about procedures and policies.

Assigned value

Every person you employ needs to understand the value of the job they are performing. Even the most mundane of tasks is an important part of the entire plan of your business. People who believe that what they’re doing matters will perform at a higher level of proficiency and with a greater level of personal pride. This is a win for you as they’re going to be your most productive and loyal employees.

Growth opportunities

While climbing the corporate ladder may not appeal to everyone, many employees will want the opportunity to advance their careers. Showing your employees a clear path for advancement and providing them with the tools they need to reach it can go a long way to retaining and motivating talent.

Motivation can take many forms. If done correctly, it will make your employees happier, your workplace more productive, and ultimately your profits greater.

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