Throw Debtors This Curveball For Powerful Results

24 Aug

baseball-1091211_640It’s a well-known fact for both commercial and consumer collections: It’s an adversarial animal by its very nature. No one, and we mean NO ONE enjoys getting a collection call.

Stereotypes happen when enough people in a specific common group behave in a similar manner over time. Unfortunately some collectors have a history of bullying behaviors, sometimes to the point of being illegal. But like any stereotype, it doesn’t have to be true and it isn’t true for every single one.

As collectors at C2C, we view our work as creative problem solvers. We prefer to dissolve the stereotype by working with the debtor to get the debt monkey off his or her back as painlessly as possible.

What we know works best is the curveball we’re talking about: Unexpected kindness and helpfulness.

ID-100221321Treating others as you wish to be treated is a powerful way to approach a collection call. For one thing, it helps to keep defensive walls down. When the person on the other end of the line feels you sincerely want to help solve the problem, they’re far more open to your suggestions for resolution.

It’s true that respect alone won’t pay a bill. Kindness won’t make all your customer’s other bills go away. But what it can do is move your bill from the bottom of the stack to the top so you can get paid faster.

We’re not talking about ‘playing’ nice. We’re talking about BEING nice. It is possible to be firm yet respectful, insightful, and kind in the process of collecting a debt.

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