What to Say during a Collection Call

5 Aug

Business man on phone, Follow Up, C2C ResourcesWhether you are plagued with delinquent accounts or want to prepare your staff for potential future debt collection, knowing what to say on a collection call is important for the success of the collection call.

Past due calls can be uncomfortable and awkward, but not allowing them to pile up is important for the integrity of your business and your cash flow. Depending on balance, tenure of client and terms, your first call will usually take place between 30- 45 days from invoice date.

Taken literally from a page of our free Credit and Collection Handbook, below is a sample of an initial call script for the first call:

On this call your approach may vary depending upon the tenure and history of the client.
On larger or more established accounts you will not want to push for payment the same day if they
have promised to pay the invoice or get it in line for payment.



Hello [customer name] this is [your name] with [your
Company name]. I was just calling to follow‐up on
[Invoice#____ ] for [$____ ].

According to my records it is [XX] days past due. Since we have still not received
payment, I wanted to make sure that there is no problem with the invoice and
if there is no problem, determine when payment will be made.


If it’s an established or larger customer, you may want to rephrase:
“According to my records, there is a balance outstanding.”


If this is a new customer or a previously late customer, end the call with:
Great! As you know our terms are net 30 and we try to make sure all of our customer’s accounts are kept current with full purchasing power.
I will look for the check in the mail over the next few days.


For the larger or more established customer, end the call with:
Great! I appreciate your help and will look for it in the mail over the next few days.


If it is scheduled for payment later or if the customer is vague about his aim toward resolution, then you might respond with:
As you know our terms are net 30 and this invoice is now [XX] days old. Is there anything that can be done to expedite this payment and get it in the mail today?

For tips and tricks or a call script for the second collection call, download the free Credit and Collection Handbook!

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