Practical Advice is the BEST Advice

30 Dec

We at C2C Resources love practical advice. Any idea or plan that’s too complicated or unreasonable or just too hard to do isn’t much good to anyone.

When we work with our customers, we work to keep our action steps practical, reasonable, and easily implemented. Keeping things simple was the motivation behind our web-based software Profit Maximizer. With everything you need for accounts receivable management all in one place, it becomes the most practical tool in your arsenal.

Our web-based system offers you:

  • A contact management system to record notes and schedule call backs for timely follow up on delinquent accounts
  • A set of collection letter templates that can be sent via email, fax or mail
  • Reports to measure progress
  • Multiple import options including a direct link with QuickBooks allowing automatic sending and updating
  • Recommended actions and call scripts to help you choose the most effective action for your delinquent customer

Profit Maximizer is a system you can begin using right away. We made it practical for maximum benefit.

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