Maximize Your Profits: Minimize Bad Debt

8 Nov

This post is shameless!

We’re posting a shameless plug for our own product, Profit Maximizer. Why?

Commercial Collections, Debt Collections, Legal Electronic SignaturesBecause Profit Maximizer can help you minimize debt while maximizing your profits!

We don’t often post about our products or services on this blog. What you’ll find here is a blog chocked-full of helpful articles on the “how to’s” of commercial debt collection. We take the approach that, with our help, credit managers can effectively collect debt in-house, thereby reducing the need for third-party collection services like C2C Resources.

Counter-intuitive to our own business? Absolutely. Effective? Without a doubt.

We help businesses learn how to effectively collect in-house so they save money and because of this approach, we’ve earned the trust of over 20,000 clients.

It’s one of the many reasons we enjoy customer loyalty. It’s a proven model that works, year after year.

C2C Resource’s Profit Maximizer, is a key ingredient to success – for C2C Resources AND for our customers. Profit Maximizer is our free web-based accounts receivable management system that helps businesses streamline their processes. This means minimal debt and maximized profit.

Profit Maximizer provides:

  • A contact management system to record notes and schedule call backs for timely follow up on delinquent accounts
  • A set of collection letter templates that can be sent via email, fax or mail
  • Reports to measure progress
  • Multiple import options including a direct link with QuickBooks allowing automatic sending and updating
  • Recommended actions and call scripts to help you choose the most effective action for your delinquent customer

The fact is, C2C Resource’s Profit Maximizer reduces the need for the use of a third-party collection agency to collect commercial debt. It’s a cost-effective accounts receivable management system that can help you minimize debt while maximizing profits.

Contact C2C Resources today to find out more!


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