C2C Resources: Are Your Collection Calls Yielding Results?

3 Jul

Collection Calls: Maybe it’s not what you ARE saying, but what you’re NOT saying…

Businessman making collection call, C2C ResourcesWhen you make a collection call, do you feel satisfied when you hang up the phone? Do your collection calls typically result in payment?

If you feel like your calls are getting you nowhere, it’s time to evaluate them.

One common reason some collection calls don’t go well is nerves. People often report having to ‘work up the nerve’ to make a collection call. Unfortunately, that discomfort can get in the way of a productive conversation, meaning that sometimes there are important words that go unsaid … all because of nerves.

To help conquer uneasiness, frame the call correctly in your own mind. Remind yourself that in all likelihood your past-due customer wants to pay you, because that’s the truth in most cases.

You know it feels phenomenal to be current – and your customer wants that feeling of freedom. You can help him get there by offering solutions for payment.

Framed in that way, you’ve just become a problem-solver, ready to make a call!

Before you make a call, and as you’re reviewing your customer’s file, keep your mind open to creative ideas you can offer him. And when you call, listen to his dilemma carefully. Somewhere in there you may find a gem of a solution that will get you paid AND grant his freedom.

Being current feels great. Offering solutions to get your customer to that place will help you get paid!


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