Small Business New Year’s Resolutions

9 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

Business Resolutions, C2C ResourcesEvery year we make our vows to eat less, to work out more. To spend less, to save more. To do this and not that … and then by the end of January, we’ve all but forgotten what it was that we resolved to do. Or worse… we’re so discouraged by the lack of positive result that we throw in the towel too soon.

Resolutions aren’t meant to be discouraging! They’re meant to help us along the way to our personal goals. The mistake we often make year after year is setting goals that aren’t realistic.

Whether personal or business, resolutions must be doable!

In this recent article by Business News Daily titled, 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses the author lists specific business goals that fit the bill.

While you may not find every item applicable to your individual business, several action points are common sense for every business. But what we like best about this list is that each item is reasonable, actionable and attainable. The kinds of goals you can actually meet this year!

What about you? Have you set reasonable, actionable and attainable goals for your business this year?

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