Small Business Credit Conditions: How 2016 Has Looked

15 Dec

floodA year in review.

In the world of credit and finance, it seems the overall pervasive sentiment can often be summed up with, “Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise.”

A recent article found on the NACM blog, sounded a bit like that. They report that there’s a “…positive outlook for small business credit, provided interest rates don’t increase or economic growth doesn’t decrease.” Of course, we’re all collectively watching that ‘crick’. Then again, aren’t we always watching it?

The article titled, Small Business Credit Conditions Show Pockets of Deterioration cites the Experian and Moody’s Analytics Main Street Report for second-quarter 2016. In it, they examine the overall health of small businesses including

  • credit balances
  • delinquency rates
  • utilization rates
  • macroeconomic information (employment rates, income retail sales and investments)

As is typically the case, some states or regions are faring better than others. Among the points noted, oil prices have had a greater impact on Oklahoma influencing delinquency rates in transportation and utility industries.

On the flip side, “DC’s bankruptcy rate is below the national average and likely to remain there as the business climate in the District improves and the federal government’s presence remains a steadying force for businesses.”

The article is quite extensive in its coverage of regional impact, both positive and negative.

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