“Friended” by a Debt Collector on Facebook? C’mon!

17 Oct

As social sites continue to grow and thrive, so does the bevvy of information that can be found on them. And while most people consider social sites a way to connect with family and friends, others find them to be a useful source of information. For instance, it’s quite common for a potential employer to peek at a candidates Facebook profile before offering them a job. Conversely, it’s not uncommon for a company to fire an employee over an inappropriate post.

When it comes to debt collections, it’s perfectly acceptable to use the Internet as a source for information gathering. Unfortunately, some debt collectors have taken the use of social sites to a new level. A very low level.

A few unethical collectors have been found posting disparaging messages on the debtor’s pages! Make no mistake about it: it’s harassment and against the law.

This tactic is far more likely to occur in consumer debt collections, but the Commercial Debt Collection industry shouldn’t hold back in sounding the alarm. The deep and lasting damages from such unethical collection practices are myriad. Reputations are destroyed. Businesses fold. Relationships are damaged beyond repair. And just think about the domino effect: Not only is the impact on the debtor significant, but it’s also damaging for the company the collector represents. Can you imagine your Collection Agency representing you or your company in this manner? And who is liable in the event that your debtor sues over this unethical practice? Even the agency the collector works for is placed in jeopardy.

We’ve stated this in a previous post, but it bears repeating:

Agencies that don’t adhere to the laws become a major liability to you and your business. If a legal issue should arise with your debtor, he or she can sue you both based on the actions of your Collection Agency.

How can you be sure the collection agency that represents your company adheres to the laws? Your first step is an easy one. Partner with an agency that’s licensed. A licensed Collection Agency is held to a high standard of operations. They know the law and they operate within its confines.

What is your Commercial Collection Agency doing on your behalf? Make sure they operate in an ethical manner that represents you and your business with integrity.


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