Considering Doing Business Internationally?

30 Nov

globe-on-handAmong the resources available to persons considering doing business overseas is Export.Gov. It’s an excellent website to begin your research as it covers critical aspects you must consider before launching out into the world of International Business.

Explore eCommerce, Logistics, help with Trade Problems, Exporting Services, Solving Disputes, Methods of Payment, Banking Systems, Foreign Exchange Controls and pretty much anything else you need to know about foreign trade.

If you’re new to International business, explore the Basic Guide to Exporting first. Included are sections on Developing a Marketing Plan, Finding Qualified Buyers, Tech Licensing and general International legal considerations. From there, you can drill down to specific countries by exploring the Market Intelligence page. It’s a must if you’re targeting a specific location.

Each section of Market Intelligence is rich in valuable information. We’ve included a brief description of the Country Commercial Guide page here, but we’ve not done it justice. Take a quick look, and then invest some time to fully explore this resource.

  1. Doing Business in …

From the dropdown menu, select the country you wish to explore to learn about market opportunities, challenges and entry strategies.

  1. Political and Economic Environment

Which countries are dominant in the market? What is the U.S. Market share? What is the current political status? Key economic indicators and trade statistics are frequently updated.

  1. Selling U.S. Products and Services

There’s a wealth of information on the state of eCommerce, franchising, joint ventures, licensing, direct marketing and so much more. Like…. Sooo much.

  1. Leading Sectors for U.S. Exports and Investment

In this section, the Best Prospect Overview identifies top industry sectors with potential in the market.

  1. Trade Regulations, Customs and Standards

Critical information like Import Tariffs, Trade Barriers, Import Requirements and Labeling requirements are outlined. Also included is a bounty of .Gov Web Resources that you probably didn’t even know existed.

  1. Investment Climate Statement

From Conversion and Transfer Policies to Political Violence, Corruption, and Dispute Settlement, you’ll gain the insight you need as you formulate your international strategy.

  1. Trade and Project Financing

The bottom line: How U.S. firms typically get paid in that given country. It covers the banking system and information on foreign exchange controls in the market.

  1. Business Travel

Nitty-gritty information includes business customs, current travel advisories, Visa requirements, health and other absolute necessities before you buy your travel ticket.

Don’t miss the Webinar page from the Events page dropdown. There’s an extensive list of webinars listed, all of which are free to view.

With so much to know about doing business internationally, this site is the go-to resource!



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