Collections as an Extension of Customer Service

18 Jun

Developing positive relationships with your customers will foster success for your business. This philosophy should also extend to the collection of payments. Viewing your collection process as a customer service asset will help your business maintain positive relationships and consequently increase your odds of receiving payment especially when your customer has a cash flow problem and can only pay some invoices. 

Some Examples to Consider

1. Welcome letters or calls to new customers explaining invoicing, payment address, terms and encouraging them to reach out immediately if any questions or problems with orders. 

2. Review all collections letters to makes sure they encourage communication. 

3. Make sure initial collection reminders and calls are friendly in tone and assume that any late payment is an oversight.

4. For customers who always pay timely , send the occasional thank you note for letting them know how much you appreciate prompt payment and value their businesses. 

Are there things you do to make your collection process customer service focused?

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