Build Trust With Accurate Records

2 Aug

Build trust with your customers through accurate invoices

There are many factors that help to build trust over time with your customers. While a major player, a great product, delivered on time in the condition promised, isn’t the only factor. Accuracy in billing plays a significant role.

Everyone watches the bottom line, just like you do. So when a customer receives an inaccurate bill or a statement that doesn’t match the invoice, it’s not unusual for your customer to ‘set aside’ the entire matter for another day. After all, for him, it’s just another hassle to sort out. The immediate impact for you is a late payment. That’s bad enough. But it’s the greater impact that should really have you concerned.

Inaccuracies, no matter how small, can potentially communicate one of two things to your customer:

1. You’re careless

2. You’re attempting a rip off

The impact of either one of these suspicions can have obvious detrimental effects on your long-term relationship. And sadly, loss of trust can happen over very simple, innocent mistakes.

One of your top A/R priorities should be accuracy in billing and statements. Create an effective billing system that makes maintaining precise records as streamlined and easy as possible.

No matter what system you use, maintaining precise records is critical to your business relationships.




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