6 Qualities of Successful Credit Managers

21 Dec

Not everyone is cut out to be a credit manager. They not only possess the leadership skills needed to motivate their team, but they’re innovative and creative in their approach.
Truly outstanding credit managers create habits for success in their chosen field. These 6 habits are what makes them rock stars:

They make a habit of personal productivity
The best way to lead a credit department is by example. Great credit managers will always go the extra mile and make sure they are doing everything they can to make sure the department as a whole is successful. This means they take on more work than those under them, not less.

They skillfully manage time
Great credit managers are masters of prioritization. Though they may be taking on more work than others, they also know how to manage their time and get everything done. It does no one any good to take on a large amount of work if they do not know how to get in done in a timely manner.

They’re creative thinkers
In this industry, professionals routinely face complicated problems in need of creative solutions. The most successful credit managers are the ones willing to move beyond traditional means out into creative realms to solve issues. For example, being willing to try new software or even re-arranging the office layout for better productivity and communication. The old, “But we’ve always done it this way” excuse won’t work with a creative manager who is bent on finding a better, more productive way to operate.

They are influencers
Leadership, in general, requires the ability to positively motivate others toward a common goal. This is one of the most important values in a leader. A great credit manager must be able to influence others with both their vision and their work ethic. The difference between a great worker and a leader often comes down to their ability to influence others.

They value their team
Management comes with authority. Not everyone handles authority well. The truly great credit managers know how to authentically show appreciation to their team members. A great team is only as good as the sum of its parts. It does not matter how great of an individual worker your credit manager is, if they can not build and maintain a team around them nothing will get done.

A great credit manager is not built overnight and it is not a one size fits all solution, but almost all great credit managers will have the majority of the qualities listed above.

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