6 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Staff

6 Jul

Employee engagementProductivity goes up when people feel motivated to do their best work. But how can this be accomplished?

Motivation typically comes from within the individual. For the business leader, that means s/he must create an environment that fosters self-motivation. And since every industry has its own unique attributes, the ways in which you choose to foster motivation might be very specific to your business. For that reason, we’ve composed a generic list of 6 ways to cultivate motivation. Starting with…

Tangible rewards. Hate to be so direct, but money motivates. You know it does! Bonuses or rewards for making milestones can spur people toward reaching farther to attain not only their personal goals, but your business goals as well.

Access to the boss. A micro-management style rarely produces a happy work staff. Conversely, the manger that is mostly absent is often resented. The key is to cultivate the desire within each individual employee to want to do well with a smart balance of presence. Building a relationship that invites dialog communicates that you’re in their corner and ready to go to bat for them if necessary. In other words, make yourself available without the hovering.

Quality training. Nothing builds confidence like knowing what you’re doing. And nothing dashes it to bits more quickly than a feeling of inadequacy or confusion about how to execute your job duties. Be thorough in training your staff and make your expectations clear. Encourage questions and open dialog to talk about procedures and policies.

Assigned value. Every person you employ needs to understand the value of the job they are performing. Even the most mundane of tasks is an important part of the entire plan of your business. People who believe that what they’re doing matters will perform at a higher level of proficiency and with a greater level of personal pride. This is a win for you as they’re going to be your most productive and loyal employees.

A Healthy Company Culture. When people enjoy the people they work with and their environment, they stay longer and give more effort to their performance. Create a culture that encourages the kind of environment you want to work in.

Growth opportunities. Not everyone wants to ‘climb the ladder’. Some people find their niche and prefer to operate from that place indefinitely. But for those who wish to advance, they need growth opportunities and they need to understand what it will take to get them to the next level. Talking with your employees will uncover their career goals and aspirations. If you can help to pave the way, you’ll retain their expertise longer and they’ll find greater enthusiasm working for you.

Motivation can take many forms. Your flexibility and creativity can make your business THE business people want to work for.

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