6 Habits of Successful Credit Managers

29 Oct

6 Habits of Successful Credit Managers

Not everyone is cut out to be a credit manager. But those that are stand out. They not only possess the leadership skills needed to motivate their team, but they’re innovative and creative in their approach.

Truly outstanding credit managers create habits for success in their chosen field. These 6 habits are what makes them rock stars:

#1. They make a habit of personal productivity

Great managers not only delegate and oversee, but they also do their fair share of the hard work. They manage themselves with the high level of expectation in which they manage their team staying on top of tasks to prevent backlog.

Clock#2. They skillfully manage time

Great credit managers are masters of prioritization. This is how they manage to get the work done, and also live a life outside of work. By using the most cutting edge software, prioritizing tasks is easer than ever.

#3. They’re creative thinkers

In this industry, professionals routinely face complicated problems in need of creative solutions. The most successful credit managers are the ones willing to move beyond traditional means out into creative realms to solve issues. For example, being willing to try new software or even re-arranging the office layout for better productivity and communication. The old, “But we’ve always done it this way” excuse won’t work with a creative manager who is bent on finding a better, more productive way to operate.

#4. They carve out a path to reach new goals

The astute credit manager will weigh the pros and cons of challenging the team with a new set of goals. Are the goals truly attainable? Should they be broken down into smaller ones? Who will be most affected? Will implementing the new plan require major changes in other areas?

It’s not enough to simply state, “We’re going to call 20 more people per day”. There must be consideration given to the impact that reaching the goal will have.

#5. They are influencers

Leadership in general requires the ability to positively motivate others toward a common goal. Credit managers must be able to convince leaders in their company to try new approaches, explore the latest software, or expand personnel. In the course of communication with other departments, a credit manager may face the challenge of changing the opinions of those that present a roadblock. Being able to influence others to ‘get on board’ will help pave the way for forward momentum.

#6. They value their team

Management comes with authority. Not everyone handles authority well. The truly great credit managers know how to authentically show appreciation to their team members. They lead by example, offer growth opportunities and help where it’s needed. They will always have their teams best interests at heart both as a group and as individuals. And when a team member is in trouble, they’re the first to offer a hand.

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