5 Ways For Your Business To Save In 2014

28 Jan

Save Money: Keep costs down with these cost cutting ideas.

Business expenses run the gamut depending on the type business you run. However, most businesses share some common expenses, like computers, printers, utilities, rent, phone, etc. The other thing most businesses share is a certain level of wasteful or unnecessary spending.

No matter how careful we are about spending, there’s usually an area that could use some tightening. Could you be be saving money right now? Check out these money saving ideas for a more frugal 2014:

1. Hug a tree

Tree Hug, C2C Resources Commercial Collection AgencyDo you still print paperwork for files you keep in a filing cabinet? Is it possible that you’re printing papers you don’t need simply out of habit?

Going paperless is easier than ever and can save you money.

Share files electronically using DropBox or GoogleDocs. Either of those options can potentially eliminate the need for a physical piece of paper altogether.  It saves time, saves money, and hey … it saves a tree.

2.  Get Social

Rather than expensive advertising, consider social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to spread the word about your brand.

And instead of making expensive, professional videos in a studio, you can make your own video for YouTube with very little investment. Promos, How-Tos, Tips, and free advice can all be done with a quality camera and a good microphone to help drive traffic to your business.  Think about it: A creative, catchy, quirky video that goes viral could put your business on the map.

3.  Clean up

The most cost-effective communication is email however, many businesses use mailings to compliment their electronic efforts. If your business reaches out using mass mailings, it’s important to keep your mailing list clean so you’re not wasting time, postage or paper.

Let the U.S. Postal service clean up your mailing list for you for free! They’ll correct errors in addresses and make a note of incomplete ones for you. They’ll also make you eligible for those cool bar-code discounts by adding the extra 4 numbers after the zip codes.

4.  Make A Suite Deal

You can utilize an executive office suite without having to pay full-time executive suite prices. Home-based businesspersons can benefit from executive suites that offer a receptionist, private mailbox, office space and equipment at a fraction of the cost of renting a suite full time. For a minimal monthly fee, you can use it when you need it for creative meetings, client meetings, presentations, or just for a quiet, professional place to work.

ROAM Atlanta is a great example of workspace for people who don’t wish to rent full-time suites to run their business.

Gimp, C2CResources.com5. Open up

Open up to Open Source options as an alternative to expensive software programs that can do the same thing.

OpenOffice is a good alternative for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and other basic business needs. GIMP is a photo shop tool, free to use and fairly simple to learn. There are many options using Open Source as an Alternative. And it  can save you a boatload of cash.

Saving money can actually be pretty simple with these ideas! How about you? Do you have easy money saving tips? Post them here!

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