2015: Resolve to Grow Your Business

30 Dec

new years calendarWhile New Year’s resolutions can seem cliché, here at C2C Resources we are all about them if they can help refocus and re-energize you to grow your business. The idea of New Year’s resolutions is often plagued with lack of success and thoughts of weight loss and health.

But, surprisingly, a January 2014 study by the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology found that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t.

So go ahead: set goals for 2015 to be a successful year!

Here are our top five resolutions for your business to promote growth in 2015:


  1. Reassess your marketing and business growth strategy

Has your marketing strategy plan collected digital dust in the marketing initiative folder on your computer? Take time at the beginning of the year to pull it out and review what goals you originally set and what has changed with your business since then. Marketing strategy and the tools available to you are changing rapidly. Consider what new and innovative initiatives you can plan for the New Year that are right for your business and expand your footprint in the industry.



  1. Improve your credit score

Growing your business means you will likely need more financing for expansion. Prepare now so when the time comes the process will be easy and hassle-free to get a loan. The lenders will want to see your business’s track record, ability to repay a loan and your credit score. Prepared loan applicants provide a higher level of credibility and reassurance to the bank or private lender.



  1. Show gratitude

While you want to grow, don’t forget about the customers who have brought you to where you are. Building customer loyalty is essential to continuing the momentum. Strive to turn your current customers into brand advocates who will provide you with referral business.



  1. Work to improve customer experience

Draw out the pipeline that a customer travels through:

  • Each time they order
  • From being unaware of your company to receiving their first order.

How can you make it more customer-centric to improve their experience? Simple changes can make a big difference and turn your customers into repeat customers.



  1. Plan your campaigns for the year early

Don’t let yourself fall behind this year. Most companies struggle to get everything in place for the holidays. Once January comes around they are already feeling behind because their focus was on the previous year. Don’t let that be you! Create a campaign calendar for the year to prepare early and consider launching a New Year campaign to kick-start it in motion.

What business resolutions do you have for your company? How will you make 2015 a year of growth?

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